Flight UPS5037

  • Submitted By: Joseph Tucker
  • Departure Airport: Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD)
  • Arrival Airport: Cologne Bonn Airport EDDK (300-399) (EDDK)
  • Aircraft: B747-44AF (N580UP)
  • Flight Time: 11.1
  • Date Submitted: 01/15/2019
  • Route: SAS12D SASAN W161 VMB A593 ABTUB/K0935S0920 A593 DALIM/K0930S0890 W142 YQG/K0930S0920 V31 LADIX B339 POLHO Y520 SERNA/K0904F300 A822 LUTOG/K0902F320 A822 LONKA R497 RO/K0902F260 R496 NJC/K0902F320 G716 NEGNA/K0906F340 G716 SORLI R813 NETLU A834 VESUR R902 AGBON G445 SPB B141 RANVA/N0495F340 P863 TUXUV/N0500F360 P863 KOTAM L990 NEXEN T503 GIMRU/N0486F350 UT503 MIC UZ712 KEGAB/N0486F360 DCT NOR DCT
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(203606 load / $ 11.15 per unit
$ 2,270,206.90
Fuel Cost:
(144200 fuel used @ 5.42 / unit)
$ 781,564.00


Commenter Comment
Joseph Tucker Started on smartcars, but it dropped somewhere along the route and wasn't discovered until after landing.

Route Map