We are not lying when we say, we've got the best crew center in the world. In the world of Virtual Airlines, iCrew has become the benchmark to judge a good virtual airline in terms of IT landscape. But we at UPSVAC, went a step beyond to cater to the needs of our pilots. Take a look at what the creator of iCrew says about UPSVAC's copy.

We've been doing Crew Centers for Virtual Airlines for a long time. UPSVAC's iCrew is not like the others. It is by far the most advanced, custom tailored version that was made. The amount of time that was poured into making the system was almost 1.5 years+, and the results are worth it. UPSVAC remains one of the best examples of our IT engineering.

Leonard Selvaraja Creator - iCrew v4, CEO icrewsystems SE LLP, India.

Screenshots from our pilot favourite modules

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Realism comes first, with iCrew v4, track every aircraft's usage history, maintenance logs and a lot more!

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