Welcome to our VA!

The members of this board were appointed with great care. Based on longevity, dedication, activity, team spirit, commitment, message board assistance and genuine belief in the originating goals and values of this VA. Each of these members brings a different talent, skill and value to the board. They each bring a unique diversity together and join as a uniform team for the better good of this VA.
The purpose of this board is to set the future direction, represent the best interest of the VA, determine value of opportunities, and prioritize tasks that are submitted and decided on, etc. This will be done by anonymous vote. The bottom six members will vote regarding topics presented to the board. If there is ever a 3 to 3 tie, then the CEO will break the tie vote.


This VA opened its doors on May 23, 2000. Our goals at this VA are that all of its members have fun, we are professional in all that we do, and we provide the most realistic virtual airline available.


No one is getting paid to participate in or to run this VA. Being a part of this VA is only a hobby. Every member has a "real" life outside of this VA. Therefore, although many airlines require their pilots to fly a minimum of one flight a week to stay active, we require only two flights a month. This will seem lax to some and that is OK but this is meant to be fun. We certainly encourage more participation than this and with our events and professional operation, we think it will foster more active participation by all.


Professionalism is the key that sets this VA apart from the rest of the virtual airlines. All Board Members and Managers will be required to answer all emails within 24 hours. All Pireps will be updated automatically with daily verification. Additionally, all pilots should act responsibly when representing our virtual airline in any events or anytime when using VATSIM. Remember, this is your airline.


This VA was also founded on the belief that by making your flying time more realistic it will also make it more fun. Therefore, we urge everyone to use VATSIM. VATSIM allows a pilot to fly their routes using real time, live person Air Traffic Control. This VA was also founded on the belief that VATSIM events also add to the realism of flying. These events allow pilots the opportunity to fly in much more congested air space and actually see other air traffic while communicating with real time Air Traffic Control. The number of hubs that we operate out of will continue to grow as our airline grows.


The management of this VA believes that the best way to run an airline is to have an open door policy. Therefore, if anyone has any ideas that they think can improve the airline please make them known. You can use the Contact link for this. Management is required to answer all E-mail within 24 hours.

Where are we going?

The principles and ideas that founded this VA are a recipe for what we believe to be a flourishing future. Although we will continue to grow we will never allow ourselves to grow beyond our ability to effectively manage ourselves. We will never sacrifice quality for numbers. We believe that running this airline with a sincere interest in putting quality first will allow for a bright future.

The VA Management