• The Revamp' 2020

    Now powered by iCrew™

    Specially optimised to match the UPSVAC Standards

    One of the oldest Virtual Airlines in the industry, 70,000+ Hours
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    Specially optimised and tailor made to match the UPS Standards
  • The Revamp' 2020

    Now powered by iCrew™

    Specially optimised to match the UPSVAC Standards

"The world, in one place"

Our pilots have been delivering Cargo which help the Virtual world of Logistics function. Every flight, Every On-time departure and every safe delivery, is like a sacred covenant for us, small cogs of the grand picture. It's been like that since May 23, 2000.

"20 Years"
and counting

Operational Excellence

Believe us when we say we are "the best at what we do". Our very existance along all these years are here to prove the excellence of our operational philosophy.

Thriving community

Like minded people along the country, extending to cities around the world, all gathered in one place to share the joy of flight together as one people, for the past 23 years.

Powred by iCrew™

One of the world's most sophisticated Pilot Crew Resource Center, packed with mindblowing & industry leading technology and should we mention, Artificial Intelligence? The future is now!

281,205 Lbs of virtual cargo
was flown across the globe, in the past 24 hours.

* This information is provided in realtime by iCrew™, last updated at 10/06/2023 20:54 PM


There are 11 pilots airborne
transporting Virtual Cargo for UPSVAC

Operator Callsign Pilot Route Aircraft Status Client
UPS2037 Raul KSDF KONT N259UP Cruising Offline
UPSPI9130 Jhamal M RKPC PHNL N581UP Cruising Offline
UPS047T Alvaro O KLGA KSAN N580UP Cruising Offline
UPS1412 Jeremy J YSSY VHHH N710EF Approaching Offline
UPS2131 Brandon D KLAN KSDF N250UP Cruising VATSIM
UPS984 James B SEQM KMIA N468UP Climbing Offline
UPS004T Augustine B LFPG LGAV N327UP Cruising Offline
UPS1421 Bruno I KSDF KMIA N356UP Climbing VATSIM
UPS2301 Oscar S KSDF PANC N371UP Climbing IVAO
UPS043T Chris P KSDF CYYR 518 Cruise offline
UPS2154 Justin KSDF KMIA N257UP Climbing VATSIM
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Our Virtual Airline is filled with exciting features

Fast Support

With a custom tailored system and dedicated staff available 24/7 for support,we provide an accelerated growth to your Virtual Airline Career.

Our Acars

smartCARS system is a flight tracking software made for Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D, and X-Plane.


Our flight schedules and NOTAMS are always updated with the data provided at flightaware.net.


Let it be with flying the Aircraft, or Evaluation of a Pilot Report, we push the boundaries by taking real world factors into account to make it maximum professional.


we believe we have one of the worlds most sophisticated PIREP and Flight Tracking system, it doesn't just stop there, our tech team's horizon keeps expanding into the day.

The community, it's big!

We have a whooping number of active pilots who share the same dream. We provide a stable platform for budding friendships. Group flights, Gatherings, LAN-Parties and what not?

Realism. Immersion. Captivation.
Luxury over necessity, all in one place!

But wait, how?

At UPSVAC you can actually generate full fledged flight briefings by just scanning a QR code. Convenience.

Sick of waiting for an actual human grading your flight reports? We don't do that here. Artificial Intelligence.

Registrations are now open to all. Come be a part of the "Best"