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level-D UPS 767 New Colors
By Bob Klemm
Posted at: Mar 22, 2018 19:22
By Pierre Dequack
Posted at: Mar 22, 2018 14:09
By Leon Vermeulen
Posted at: Mar 22, 2018 13:02

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2018 Winter Olympics

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Proper Aircraft Codes

By Preston Bradley


*Training Department Is Open*

By Rich Mitchell

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Pilot Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPF131 - Mark Gorodnick UPF5150 TJSJ TAPA 00.56h ATR 72-500
UPS139 - Robert Beebe UPS540 KONT KDFW 02.15h B747-44AF
UPS903 - Leonardo Toscano UPS3201 PANC KONT 06.04.02h 767-34AF
UPS302 - Glen Hall UPS5199 PHNL KSDF 08.03.18h B747-44AF
UPS401 - Roberto Brustia UPS2022 RPLC OMDB 08.54h MD-11F
UPS234 - Tore Giannotti UPSWT4315 PANC CYEG 03.33.22h 757-24APF
UPS928 - Bob Klemm UPS306 KSDF KDEN 02.36h 767-34AF
Pilot Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS131 - Mark Gorodnick UPF5151 TAPA TJSJ 1.07h ATR 72-500 (N502UF)
UPS1022 - Joseph Rocco UPS4218 KDFW KSDF 0h 757-24APF (N436UP)
UPS211 - Jon Richardson UPS962 KONT KOAK 0h 777-2LRF (N914UL)
UPS139 - Robert Beebe UPS922 KDFW KSDF 1.37h 777-2LRF (N917UL)
UPS302 - Glen Hall UPSWT2185 TNCC SAEZ 6h MD-11F (N296UP)
UPS001 - Phil Martin UPS9410 KSDF SBGL 10.43h 777-2LRF (N901EF)
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Pilot Award Comment
Alyaan Ahmed UPSVAC Pilot Welcome! UPSVAC Pilot
Deandre Holloway UPSVAC Pilot Welcome! UPSVAC Pilot
Andrew Bundas South America Tour congrats on completing the tour! South America Tour
Leon Vermeulen Bronze Landing congrats Bronze Landing
Leon Vermeulen Silver Landing Congrats Silver Landing


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