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Brand New 767 for UPS
By Aaron R. Harvey
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Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Pilot Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS107 - Justin Begarek UPS3206 KSDF EDDK 08.27h 767-34AF
UPS308 - Ulrich Karp UPSE455 EDDK EVRA 02.03h 757-24APF
UPS300 - Jesper Schmidt UPS5037 ZSPD EDDK 11.21.28h B747-45E
UPS001 - Preston Bradley UPS414(SA) SBGR SAEZ 02.25h 757-24APF
UPS412 - Graham Smith UPS9069 RPLC RCTP 01.51h 777-2LRF
UPS132 - Paul McCullough(LOA 3/10-6/3/1 UPS9001 KSDF KSLC 03.06h 777-2LRF
UPS933 - Jorge Zamora UPS4028 KSDF KMIA 01.53h 757-24APF
Pilot Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS158 - Michael Rivera UPS3174 ZSPD RJBB 0h 767-34AF (N312UP)
UPS300 - Jesper Schmidt UPS5012 EDDK ZSPD 0h B747-45E (N578UP)
UPS332 - Kristian Radfor UPSRE404 EDDK OMDB 6.43h 757-24APF (N432UP)
UPS933 - Jorge Zamora UPS419(SA) KMIA SEQM 3.5h 757-24APF (N403UP)
UPS104 - Thomas Schrumpf UPS3017 KONT KCAE 0h 767-34AF (N304UP)
UPS913 - Ramirez Miguel UPSPI9113 MMPR KSDF 3.28h 767-34AF (N316UP)
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Pilot Award Comment
Joe VanMeter Pilot of the Month for helping the VA start the Repo Channel and the repo list.. I thank you for improving the experience for all involved - TP Pilot of the Month
Robert Felger US Air Force Vet Thanks for your service. US Air Force Vet
Craig Randle US Navy Vet Thanks for your service! US Navy Vet
Douglas Dever South America Tour Great Job! 757 South America Tour
John Santos 3 Year Anniversary Auto Awarded by the SYSTEM for being a member for 1095 days. 3 Year Anniversary


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