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Parking at SDF
By Frank Gennari
Posted at: Oct 17, 2018 06:25
Parking at SDF
By Logan Lynch
Posted at: Oct 17, 2018 02:24
Cuba Overflight
By Joseph Tucker
Posted at: Oct 16, 2018 02:02

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Proper Aircraft Codes

By Preston Bradley


*Training Department Is Open*

By Rich Mitchell


Welcome to UPSVAC

By Preston Bradley

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Pilot Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS301 - Anders Samuelsson UPS2012 EPWA EDDK 01.25h MD-11F
UPS301 - Anders Samuelsson UPS2011 EDDK EPWA 01.33h MD-11F
UPS1022 - Joseph Rocco UPS922 KDFW KSDF 03.31h 777-2LRF
UPS002 - Preston Bradley UPS625 PHNL YSSY 09.39h B747-8F
UPS403 - Jeff Blodgett UPSRE408 VABB ZGSZ 04.29h 757-24APF
UPS302 - Glen Hall UPS6155(S) EGSS KSDF 9.03h B747-8F
UPS131 - Mark Gorodnick UPS361 KIAD KSDF 01.10h 767-34AF
Pilot Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS930 - Joseph Tucker UPS3139 RKSI RCTP 0h 767-34AF (N353UP)
UPS1022 - Joseph Rocco UPS949 KSDF KEWR 0h 777-2LRF (N903UL)
UPS921 - Alexander Morillo UPS4228 KMIA SEQU 0h 757-24APF (N448UP)
UPS302 - Glen Hall UPS603 KSDF PHNL 0h B747-8F (N614UL)
UPS607 - Beau Lewis UPS4251 CYHM KSDF 0h 757-24APF (N411UP)
UPS127 - Nathan Boone UPS3038 PHOG PHNL 0h 767-34AF (N305UP)
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Pilot Award Comment
Joe Hill UPSVAC Pilot Welcome to UPSVAC!! UPSVAC Pilot
Camilo Barra UPSVAC Pilot Welcome! UPSVAC Pilot
Thomas Andrews UPSVAC Pilot Welcome! UPSVAC Pilot
Jim Nessen CAE HM congrats CAE HM
Giuliano Pennetta UPSVAC Pilot Welcome to Cologne brgds Jesper UPS300 UPSVAC Pilot


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