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Pilot ID Name Member Since Rank Hub Status
UPS1 Preston Bradley 01/03/2001 ADMI Active
UPS17 Aaron R. Harvey 19/03/2001 ADML Active
UPS15 Marvin Aldrich 23/05/2001 ADML Inactive
UPS18 Jason Rivard 28/07/2001 ADML Inactive
UPS10 Phil Martin 11/11/2001 ADML Inactive
UPS300 Jesper Schmidt 05/04/2003 EDDK Active
UPS16 Vincent Tarquini 18/02/2005 ADML Inactive
UPS21 Wade Stillwell 04/03/2006 ADML Inactive
UPS1000 Thomas Lienert 07/04/2012 KPHL Active
UPS301 Anders Samuelsson 12/07/2014 EDDK Active
UPS165 Jason Wesche 26/12/2014 KSDF Active
UPS20 Stanley Losiewicz 16/01/2015 ADML Active
UPS128 AJ Bowers 07/02/2015 KSDF Active
UPS203 James Jeffries 08/02/2015 KDFW Inactive
UPS303 Hendrik Sprejz 11/02/2015 EDDK Active
UPS308 Ulrich Karp 12/02/2015 EDDK Active
UPS705 Michael Patton 27/03/2015 KONT Active
UPS310 Daniel De Oliveira (7/17-9/15/21 06/04/2015 EDDK Active
UPS202 Dan Cast 23/04/2015 KDFW Active
UPS218 Alvaro Ortiz 23/04/2015 KDFW Active
UPS110 Mike Tabb 13/01/2016 KSDF Active
UPS103 Russell Neale 16/02/2016 KSDF Active
UPS2 John Santos 09/05/2016 ADMI Active
UPS900 David Casanas 17/05/2016 KMIA Active
UPS12 Kyle Perry 12/07/2016 ADML Active
UPS1016 Dana Carey 26/01/2017 KPHL Inactive
UPS710 Jhamal Miles 27/01/2017 KONT Active
UPS19 Clarence Allenby 19/02/2017 ADML Inactive
UPS700 George Grosvenor 08/03/2017 KONT Active
UPS933 Jorge Zamora 14/04/2017 KMIA Active
UPS305 Laourou Louis (LOA 8/6 - 9/1) 16/04/2017 EDDK Unavailable
UPS601 Kyle Hathaway 29/05/2017 CYHM Active
UPS351 Nils Dornbusch 03/08/2017 EDDK Inactive
UPS507 Roberto Brustia 13/09/2017 PANC Active
UPS714 Joseph Rocco 13/10/2017 KONT Active
UPS211 Jon Richardson 14/10/2017 KDFW Active
UPS143 Denis Kondratenko 19/10/2017 KSDF Active
UPS138 Gerardo Rivera 05/11/2017 KSDF Unavailable
UPS216 Raul Rosas 23/11/2017 KDFW Active
UPS164 Russell MIller 24/12/2017 KSDF Inactive
UPS170 Gilles-Gabriel Gouffran (LOA12/31/21) 31/12/2017 KSDF Unavailable
UPS3 Tony Pace 17/01/2018 ADMI Active
UPS306 Jose Serro 07/02/2018 EDDK Active
UPS903 Leonardo Toscano 18/03/2018 KMIA Active
UPS806 Paul Krieschen 31/03/2018 KRFD Active
UPS104 Jason Goetz 11/04/2018 KSDF Active
UPS117 Spencer Yackee 01/06/2018 KSDF Unavailable
UPS1028 Jeffrey Tilton 13/08/2018 KPHL Active
UPS321 Joseph Tucker 02/09/2018 EDDK Unavailable
UPS319 Kim Strandsbjerg 15/09/2018 EDDK Active
UPS500 Kelvan Fulcher 22/10/2018 PANC Active
UPS11 Danny Moore 23/10/2018 ADML Active
UPS111 Gustavo Turmero 26/10/2018 KSDF Active
UPS318 James Vining 07/11/2018 EDDK Inactive
UPS240 Cory Collier 10/11/2018 KDFW Inactive
UPS309 Andy Beaumont 18/11/2018 EDDK Inactive
UPS5 Jeff Baker 29/11/2018 ADMI Active
UPS715 David Kurth 05/12/2018 KONT Active
UPS200 Ronald Denby 07/12/2018 KDFW Active
UPS382 Jean-Marie Corda 07/12/2018 EDDK Active
UPS1023 Niklas Byriel (LoA 12/31/21) 08/12/2018 KPHL Inactive
UPS269 Owen Adams 23/12/2018 KDFW Unavailable
UPS514 Jim Cardwell 30/12/2018 PANC Active
UPS719 Donnie Sigrist 01/01/2019 KONT Active
UPS702 Daniel Sjoll 18/01/2019 KONT Inactive
UPS1100 Dustin Lovinger 20/01/2019 EGNX Active
UPS909 Malcolm Redman 16/03/2019 KMIA Active
UPS14 Rich Mitchell 25/03/2019 ADML Active
UPS940 Juan Loaiza 21/04/2019 KMIA Inactive
UPS707 Reece Verrett 27/04/2019 KONT Active
UPS412 Graham Smith 30/04/2019 ZHUB Active
UPS163 Delbert Beachy 16/06/2019 KSDF Active
UPS176 Rich Pfeiffer 27/06/2019 KSDF Active
UPS915 Chase Stigberg 07/07/2019 KMIA Active
UPS704 Robert LeBoeuf 08/07/2019 KONT Active
UPS302 Paulo Linhares 10/07/2019 EDDK Active
UPS179 Stevan Harris 23/07/2019 KSDF Unavailable
UPS101 Rob Herrmann 09/08/2019 KSDF Inactive
UPS336 Karl Flohr 19/08/2019 EDDK Active
UPS187 Eddie Cayer 02/09/2019 KSDF Active
UPS1017 Nachiket Sardesai (LoA 09/30/21) 09/09/2019 KPHL Inactive
UPS222 Michael Hartfield 17/09/2019 KDFW Active
UPS1050 Ian Place 28/09/2019 KPHL Active
UPS325 Robert Jankovics 03/10/2019 EDDK Active
UPS225 Austin Casada 09/10/2019 KDFW Active
UPS307 Sondre Ølmheim 24/10/2019 EDDK Inactive
UPS703 Hal Butts 18/11/2019 KONT Inactive
UPS800 Jay Holcomb 24/11/2019 KRFD Active
UPS1049 Brandon McKay 27/11/2019 KPHL Active
UPS237 Jeremy Jeppson 23/12/2019 KDFW Active
UPS145 Rich Snell LOA 11/16/21) 29/12/2019 KSDF Unavailable
UPS126 Marius Lovin 29/12/2019 KSDF Active
UPS616 Richard Rios 04/01/2020 CYHM Active
UPS324 Jiri Tomanek 14/01/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS931 Adilson Neves 15/01/2020 KMIA Active
UPS250 Brian Robinson 17/01/2020 KDFW Unavailable
UPS9 Leonard Selvaraja 22/01/2020 ADMI Inactive
UPS115 Kendall Mann 25/01/2020 KSDF Active
UPS255 Matt Dottore 25/01/2020 KDFW Active
UPS127 Jerry Crook 29/01/2020 KSDF Active
UPS942 Pedro Torres 27/03/2020 KMIA Active
UPS946 Bronda McKisson 31/03/2020 KMIA Active
UPS227 Michael Misshore (LOA 08092021) 06/04/2020 KDFW Unavailable
UPS167 MIchael Kargol 08/04/2020 KSDF Active
UPS172 Tom Beckett 09/04/2020 KSDF Inactive
UPS366 Ismael García 10/04/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS157 Brendan McCurry 20/04/2020 KSDF Active
UPS191 Brandon LOA 8/01/20 Foster 24/04/2020 KSDF Unavailable
UPS113 Jacob Blackmore 03/05/2020 KSDF Unavailable
UPS166 Ken Webber 06/05/2020 KSDF Inactive
UPS356 Leandro Aragon 13/05/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS130 Corey Burt 18/05/2020 KSDF Active
UPS626 Casey Day 23/05/2020 CYHM Active
UPS100 Paul Williams 25/05/2020 KSDF Active
UPS270 Lloyd Lassahn 31/05/2020 KDFW Active
UPS393 Jibin Edapparampil 19/06/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS518 David Jacobson 13/07/2020 PANC Inactive
UPS385 Michal Safranek 27/07/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS399 Marc Mujito 12/08/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS152 Mauricus Gaddes 15/08/2020 KSDF Inactive
UPS342 Jay Hilton 15/08/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS118 Peter Keenan 25/08/2020 KSDF Active
UPS380 Marco Vermetten 29/08/2020 EDDK Active
UPS357 André Freire Júnior 05/09/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS627 Chad Vandenberg 15/09/2020 CYHM Active
UPS316 Kai Schuele 22/09/2020 EDDK Unavailable
UPS969 Bambang Suryo 02/10/2020 KMIA Active
UPS341 Reinhard Kaste 02/10/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS1015 Kelan Reilly 23/10/2020 KPHL Active
UPS359 Willy Hu 07/11/2020 EDDK Active
UPS331 Moises Dominguez 20/11/2020 EDDK Active
UPS504 Gary Langlois (LOA-8/15/21) 20/11/2020 PANC Active
UPS193 Jerry Welch 22/11/2020 KSDF Active
UPS338 Imre Slott 23/11/2020 EDDK Active
UPS122 Patrick ONeill 28/11/2020 KSDF Active
UPS8 Apoorv Pal 29/11/2020 ADMI Inactive
UPS345 Jack Smut 30/11/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS600 Ronald Price 30/11/2020 CYHM Active
UPS206 Alexis Buffet 01/12/2020 KDFW Active
UPS151 Kevin Perez 06/12/2020 KSDF Inactive
UPS1013 Rico Davis 08/12/2020 KPHL Active
UPS160 Artur Parzych 10/12/2020 KSDF Active
UPS360 Stefan Wirscheim 11/12/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS168 Michael Rebbin 11/12/2020 KSDF Active
UPS365 Marko Peppel 14/12/2020 EDDK Inactive
UPS926 James Kenealy 14/12/2020 KMIA Inactive
UPS169 Sayed Zaafir 16/12/2020 ADMI Inactive
UPS175 Vincent Gittens 01/01/2021 KSDF Active
UPS212 Gary Walker 01/01/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS804 Jon Barela 05/01/2021 KRFD Active
UPS149 Gabriel Potter (LOA6/22/21) 05/01/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS194 Sean Mcmasters 07/01/2021 KSDF Active
UPS374 Ferry De Fauw 17/01/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS765 Cameron Jones 19/01/2021 KONT Inactive
UPS221 Algernon Lewis (LOA6/30/21) 20/01/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS375 Max Komp 23/01/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS198 Ádám Balogh 26/01/2021 KSDF Active
UPS379 Wojciech Wiech 30/01/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS190 Colton Albonetti 31/01/2021 KSDF Active
UPS381 Stanislaw Wierzbicki 01/02/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS1200 Alex Trebus 02/02/2021 KCAE Active
UPS326 Adrian Ablaczynski 09/02/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS102 Chris Hart 12/02/2021 KSDF Active
UPS327 Vasjan Doçi 13/02/2021 EDDK Active
UPS340 Eran Reuveni 15/02/2021 EDDK Active
UPS358 Tim Van Rooijen 17/02/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS606 Reece Pearson 23/02/2021 CYHM Active
UPS976 Kyle Bassignani 24/02/2021 KMIA Active
UPS362 Majid Alimohammadi 25/02/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS238 Shane Chaplain 25/02/2021 KDFW Active
UPS383 Özden Balkan 01/03/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS119 Nathan Hamberg 02/03/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS609 Augustine Barron 03/03/2021 CYHM Inactive
UPS112 Alex Law 04/03/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS934 Alan Ciolkosz 04/03/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS979 Brian Smith 05/03/2021 KMIA Active
UPS1116 Scott Francis 07/03/2021 EGNX Active
UPS173 Long Pham 08/03/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS205 Danny Vinson 08/03/2021 KDFW Active
UPS349 Dieter Windels 14/03/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS353 Ricardo Cotrim 22/03/2021 EDDK Active
UPS384 Daniel Dekhtyar 25/03/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS982 Cody Leach 28/03/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS983 Ronalde Lima 30/03/2021 KMIA Active
UPS388 Stewart Cumbers 01/04/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS1105 Nick Fotsing 01/04/2021 EGNX Active
UPS1018 Travis Gypin 01/04/2021 KPHL Active
UPS390 Stanislaw Plonka 03/04/2021 EDDK Active
UPS984 Rafael Javier 03/04/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS311 Peter Klijnstra 05/04/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS312 Alan Cooke 05/04/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS315 Stanislaw Plonka 05/04/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS1021 Alessandro Milesi 09/04/2021 KPHL Active
UPS725 Michael Denholm 09/04/2021 KONT Inactive
UPS985 Andro Triana 10/04/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS229 Brian Smith 10/04/2021 KDFW Active
UPS123 Jason Ontog 12/04/2021 KSDF Active
UPS1203 Chandramouli Perur(LOA 8/7 930/21) 18/04/2021 KCAE Unavailable
UPS330 Dominik Rosenbeiger 18/04/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS204 Audren Lavenerable 29/04/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS243 Dakota Carson (8/23121) 29/04/2021 KDFW Unavailable
UPS339 Frederik Rosenbom 02/05/2021 EDDK Active
UPS927 Reid Nix 03/05/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS607 Christopher Black 03/05/2021 CYHM Inactive
UPS116 Brandon Duncan 03/05/2021 KSDF Active
UPS936 Joe Kalich 07/05/2021 KMIA Active
UPS727 Robert Jahelka 08/05/2021 KONT Active
UPS941 Antonio Marques 11/05/2021 KMIA Active
UPS347 Robin Kipp 17/05/2021 EDDK Active
UPS355 Augustas Klova 17/05/2021 EDDK Active
UPS729 Larry Williams 18/05/2021 KONT Active
UPS945 William Bradshaw 18/05/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS803 Zachary Skelton 21/05/2021 KRFD Active
UPS236 Steven Malyuk 22/05/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS1103 Thomas Hanstock 22/05/2021 EGNX Inactive
UPS805 Jeffrey Baker 22/05/2021 KRFD Active
UPS107 Taylor Beck 22/05/2021 KSDF Unavailable
UPS185 Brian Correll 24/05/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS952 Vincent Covino 28/05/2021 KMIA Active
UPS245 James Rice 29/05/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS953 Hans Jensen 29/05/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS246 James Hull 30/05/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS109 Matt Bromback 30/05/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS516 Ryan Scutchings 30/05/2021 PANC Active
UPS120 Joe VanMeter (12/31/21) 30/05/2021 KSDF Unavailable
UPS7 Wayne Edmiston 30/05/2021 ADMI Inactive
UPS121 Andrew Daye 30/05/2021 KSDF Active
UPS133 Dante Nicotera 31/05/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS134 Ryan Chessman 31/05/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS954 Leonardo Godefroy 02/06/2021 KMIA Active
UPS136 Elek Strong 03/06/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS728 Noah Henshaw (LOA 8/03-9/10/21 03/06/2021 KONT Unavailable
UPS956 Alex Buisson 04/06/2021 KMIA Active
UPS142 Rudy Vitellius 05/06/2021 KSDF Active
UPS144 Trevor Talbot 07/06/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS215 Brandon Johnson 07/06/2021 KDFW Active
UPS807 Cameron Hilstad 07/06/2021 KRFD Active
UPS150 Luiz Costa 10/06/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS957 Francisco Marques 12/06/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS959 Mark Rumph 13/06/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS962 Jason Mullins 13/06/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS1106 Henri Niskala 13/06/2021 EGNX Inactive
UPS1107 Ben Matthews 14/06/2021 EGNX Inactive
UPS937 Felipe Rodrigues 14/06/2021 KMIA Active
UPS1007 Joe Miracle 15/06/2021 KPHL Active
UPS156 Karson Miller 16/06/2021 KSDF Active
UPS158 Jack Howard 17/06/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS1112 Lloyd Croan 19/06/2021 EGNX Active
UPS902 Jordan Jacklin 19/06/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS189 David Whaley 19/06/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS603 Trevor Sokira 21/06/2021 CYHM Active
UPS108 Kendale Paul 21/06/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS313 Jacopo Zaghetti 22/06/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS207 Jaylen Martin 24/06/2021 KDFW Active
UPS615 Amine Hadhiri 24/06/2021 CYHM Inactive
UPS159 Sean Robinson (LOA 11/30/21) 25/06/2021 KSDF Unavailable
UPS178 Brandon Hanley 26/06/2021 KSDF Active
UPS904 Krisztian Zoltan Nagy 26/06/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS617 Norman Maddox 26/06/2021 CYHM Unavailable
UPS314 Iñaki Gonzalez 26/06/2021 EDDK Unavailable
UPS1001 Ryan Michael 28/06/2021 KPHL Active
UPS181 Trevor DeLong (LOA 12/12/21) 29/06/2021 KSDF Unavailable
UPS209 Winston Quan (loa 12-25-2021) 01/07/2021 KDFW Unavailable
UPS320 Kim Kivari 01/07/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS251 Lucas Wingard 01/07/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS905 Sebastien Desvernay 02/07/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS701 Finley Taylor 03/07/2021 KONT Inactive
UPS403 Timothy Mackey 04/07/2021 ZHUB Active
UPS304 Jens Reiser 07/07/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS911 Oliwier Nello 07/07/2021 KMIA Inactive
UPS916 Miguel Albano 08/07/2021 KMIA Active
UPS1204 Luke Polson 09/07/2021 KCAE Active
UPS706 Brian Farr 10/07/2021 KONT Inactive
UPS105 Logan Anderson 11/07/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS332 Kirill Magilyasov 11/07/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS253 Jesse Counsellor 11/07/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS106 Dustin Childers 12/07/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS708 Alexander Gunther 12/07/2021 KONT Active
UPS1008 Josue Rivera 13/07/2021 KPHL Active
UPS709 Doug Larkins 13/07/2021 KONT Active
UPS333 Carsten Jentges 13/07/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS1002 Dennis Gwozdz 15/07/2021 KPHL Active
UPS334 Phil Hutchinson 16/07/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS810 Vashon Scott 18/07/2021 KRFD Inactive
UPS602 Matt Twitchin 18/07/2021 CYHM Active
UPS289 Sarah Alawami 19/07/2021 KDFW Active
UPS1207 David Lam 22/07/2021 KCAE Active
UPS920 Jesus Hernandez 22/07/2021 KMIA Active
UPS124 Mark Ritchie 23/07/2021 KSDF Active
UPS129 Ryan Chaplin 23/07/2021 KSDF Active
UPS1117 Hamza Mlk 23/07/2021 EGNX Inactive
UPS335 Stephan Simecek 24/07/2021 EDDK Active
UPS923 Robert Stoltenberg 24/07/2021 KMIA Active
UPS256 David Dunstan 25/07/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS337 Alexey Barsukov 26/07/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS131 Jeff Becker 26/07/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS343 Kevin Mahana 27/07/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS1119 Ryan Meyrick 28/07/2021 EGNX Inactive
UPS801 Eric Gentry (LOA 9/8-10/1) 28/07/2021 KRFD Unavailable
UPS400 Scott Palacheck 30/07/2021 ZHUB Active
UPS257 Tom Dymond 30/07/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS141 Chris Alexander 31/07/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS608 Gabriel Schneider 01/08/2021 CYHM Active
UPS258 Kyle Alley 01/08/2021 KDFW Inactive
UPS137 Tyler Bourgeois 01/08/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS139 Landon Murray 02/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS140 Jason Colbert 02/08/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS930 Andrew Williams 03/08/2021 KMIA Active
UPS146 Michael DeGroat 05/08/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS147 Eric Tombaugh 06/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS605 Riley Wilson Difford 06/08/2021 CYHM Active
UPS1011 Andreas Tzemenakis 07/08/2021 KPHL Active
UPS1101 Kenneth Pimlott 09/08/2021 EGNX Active
UPS153 Owen Bliss 10/08/2021 KSDF Inactive
UPS322 Piotr Tobisz 10/08/2021 EDDK Active
UPS932 Jose Cortes 10/08/2021 KMIA Active
UPS502 Drayton Hale 10/08/2021 PANC Active
UPS154 Jorge Gibin 10/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS802 Brandon Willcockson 10/08/2021 KRFD Active
UPS711 Joseph Santos 12/08/2021 KONT Inactive
UPS712 Brandon Kellersberger 12/08/2021 KONT Inactive
UPS713 Jacob Kyser 12/08/2021 KONT Inactive
UPS328 Conor O'Brien 13/08/2021 EDDK Inactive
UPS505 Jackson Scott 13/08/2021 PANC Inactive
UPS201 David Lebduška 14/08/2021 KDFW Active
UPS811 Jackson Kane 14/08/2021 KRFD Active
UPS161 Bill Davis 17/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS610 Larry Ewoldt 18/08/2021 CYHM Active
UPS344 Paul Mathies 18/08/2021 EDDK Active
UPS935 Reynell Barnett 18/08/2021 KMIA Active
UPS1020 Henry Aaron 19/08/2021 KPHL Active
UPS812 James Carter 19/08/2021 KRFD Active
UPS1208 Adam Lau 19/08/2021 KCAE Active
UPS1108 Joshua Riley(LOA - 09/05/2021) 20/08/2021 EGNX Active
UPS901 Christopher Loman 21/08/2021 KMIA Active
UPS155 Todd Lipani 21/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS162 Paul Edward 21/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS171 Richard Zepf 22/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS346 Can Kasap 22/08/2021 EDDK Active
UPS174 Oliver Karlsson 22/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS180 Michael Koger 22/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS208 Richard Takacs 23/08/2021 KDFW Active
UPS348 Arda Dogramaci 23/08/2021 EDDK Active
UPS177 Kieron Smith 23/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS210 Peter Ritchie 24/08/2021 KDFW Active
UPS906 Michele Muri 25/08/2021 KMIA Active
UPS503 Nick Harris 26/08/2021 PANC Active
UPS1110 Richard Fletcher 26/08/2021 EGNX Active
UPS350 Sahil Mathur 27/08/2021 EDDK Active
UPS1019 Elia Giudici 27/08/2021 KPHL Active
UPS182 Jacob Wiseman 27/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS907 Steve Carlson 27/08/2021 KMIA Active
UPS908 Aiden Purner 27/08/2021 KMIA Active
UPS352 Martin Winter 28/08/2021 EDDK Active
UPS183 Matt Harmon 28/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS354 Lucas Müller 29/08/2021 EDDK Active
UPS184 Matteo Inzaina 29/08/2021 KSDF Active
UPS1024 Jamie Comrie 29/08/2021 KPHL Active
UPS716 Vincent Dupree 31/08/2021 KONT Active
UPS1201 Leon Vermeulen 01/09/2021 KCAE Active
UPS402 Williams Hernandez 01/09/2021 ZHUB Active
UPS910 Lucas MARIE-JOSEPH 02/09/2021 KMIA Active
UPS808 Gary Curtis 02/09/2021 KRFD Active
UPS1005 Ben Dao 04/09/2021 KPHL Active
UPS186 Travis Day 05/09/2021 KSDF Active
UPS912 Jayavi Pandithage 06/09/2021 KMIA Active
UPS1202 Bill Darcy 06/09/2021 KCAE Active
UPS188 Logan Throckmorton 06/09/2021 KSDF Active
UPS1102 Liam Giles 08/09/2021 EGNX Active
UPS192 Joao Braganca 08/09/2021 KSDF Active
UPS913 Daniel Swarr 09/09/2021 KMIA Active
UPS317 Arnau Alcaide 10/09/2021 EDDK Active
UPS195 Mitchell Baker 10/09/2021 KSDF Active
UPS604 Braedyn Dea 10/09/2021 CYHM Active
UPS196 Chris Taylor 11/09/2021 KSDF Active
UPS197 TJ DeCluette 12/09/2021 KSDF Active
UPS506 David Reynolds 13/09/2021 PANC Active
UPS323 Livio Alessandro 13/09/2021 EDDK Active
UPS199 Andre Peer 15/09/2021 KSDF Active
UPS329 Tomas Pokorny 15/09/2021 EDDK Active
UPS1003 Pierre Dequack 16/09/2021 KPHL Active
UPS717 Clark Egan 19/09/2021 KONT Active
UPS361 Michael Lenzen 19/09/2021 EDDK Active