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757 + A300 Crew needed !
By Jesper Schmidt
Posted at: 2015-11-21 21:31
Happy Birthday Aaron
Posted at: 2015-11-20 03:52
Happy Birthday Aaron
By Preston Bradley
Posted at: 2015-11-20 03:30

Recently Hired

Pilot ID Pilot Name HUB Country
UPS918 Bob Mick KMIA
UPS1020 Noaah Foss KPHL
UPS325 Florian Van Daele EDDK
UPS305 Jean-Marie Corda EDDK
UPS708 Mark Stapledon Jr. KONT
UPS119 Garry Foster KSDF
UPS202 Evan Boone KDFW

Upcoming Departures

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS920 - Luis Evangelista UPS3012 SBKP KMIA 0h 767-34AF
UPS113 - Christian Andersen UPS1178 KSGF KICT 0h A300F
UPS005 - Marvin Aldrich UPS944 EDDK KSDF 0h 777-2LRF
UPS705 - Michael Patton UPS4070 KBDL KSDF 0h 757-24APF
UPS201 - Chris Woolbright UPS5027 OMDB EDDK 6.45h 747-45E
UPS203 - James Jeffries UPS217 KONT KDFW 0h MD-11F
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Teamspeak 3 Server


John Pick 50,000 NM
Aaron R. Harvey 500 Hours Award
Jason Wesche 500 Hours Award
Frederick Sadler 250 Hours Award
Walt Jochec 1000 Hours Award
John Pick 50 Flights
Alex Scandrett 50 Flights


Welcome to UPSVAC

Posted by Preston Bradley on 08/01/2015

Welcome to UPSVAC! We are the First and Original UPS Virtual Airline. We have been around for Over 15 years and consider ourselves to be a "Legacy" Virtual Airline. We are established and well known to VATSIM. We take pride in our VA and would like to encourage all of our members to have fun and to enjoy our hobby. If you would like to be a member please sign up, your application will be quickly reviewed and you will be notified as soon as possible of the next steps. FS2004/FSX/XPlane/Prepar3D. Thank you for joining!


Posted by Preston Bradley on 06/09/2015

Our Live Flights

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Random Screenshot

Random Screenshot
Submitted By Preston - UPS002
On - 01/13/2015

Recent Reports

Flight No. Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS4116 Erik Davidson KMCI KSDF 01.22.57h 757-24APF
UPS943 Marvin Aldrich KSDF EDDK 08.37.16h 777-2LRF
UPS1177 Christian Andersen KSTL KSGF 00.47.03h A300F
UPS4220 Francisco Santiago KMIA KSDF 02.36.10h 757-24APF
UPS4059 Michael Patton KALB KBDL 00.42.12h 757-24APF
UPS9803 Phil Martin OMDB KSDF 15.21.43h 777-2LRF
UPS4023 Erik Davidson KSDF KMCI 01.41.52h 757-24APF