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Recently Hired

Pilot ID Pilot Name HUB Country
UPS124 Jeff Thew KSDF
UPS120 Donald Mattingly KSDF
UPS1021 Joan Herrera KPHL
UPS719 Ken Robinson KONT
UPS136 Andrew Leger KSDF

Upcoming Departures

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS909 - Alvaro Ortiz UPS4252 KSDF CYHM 0h 757-24APF
UPS204 - David Kurth UPS271 KSDF TJSJ 0h MD-11F
UPS102 - Alex Scandrett UPS8093 KSYR KSDF 0h DC-8-73CF
UPS929 - Frederick Sadler UPS1013 KSDF KBOS 0h A300F
UPS1002 - Fred Desiderio UPS4110 KJFK KPHL 0h 757-24APF

Teamspeak 3 Server


Scott Clawson 250 Hours Award
Marvin Aldrich 500 Hours Award
Aaron R. Harvey 250 Hours Award
Jason Petersen 250 Hours Award
Jason Wesche 250 Hours Award
Walt Jochec 500 Hours Award
Chris Ranes 250 Hours Award



Posted by Wade Stillwell on 06/10/2015

ATTENTION A300 and 757 drivers.World tours have been added for these air frames.


Posted by Preston Bradley on 06/09/2015

Updated version of ACARS is available on your Pilot Center page.

Minor Taxi and Landing light reporting issues corrected.

Resized the panel a bit.

New "Info Panel" added.


Posted by Preston Bradley on 01/18/2015
Phil Martin, CEO                                                       
United Parcel Service - VAC
It is my pleasure, on behalf of the Chief of Staff of the vUSAF, vGen Robert Phillips, to present United Parcel Service - VAC with the vUSAF CRAF GOLD Award for excellence in service in 2014.

vLtGen James 'Bear' Pheibush

Director Logistics and Mission Support
vUSAF Founder

Our Live Flights

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

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Random Screenshot
Submitted By Thomas - UPS1000
On - 02/21/2015

Recent Reports

Flight No. Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS5002 Frederick Sadler VHHH EDDK 11.32.37h 747-44AF
UPS282 Anders Samuelsson EFHK EDDK 02.09h MD-11F
UPS4133 Michael Patton KMSY KLIT 01.50.11h 757-24APF
UPS281 Anders Samuelsson EDDK EFHK 02.22h MD-11F
UPS4087 Alvaro Ortiz KDSM KSDF 01.15.45h 757-24APF
UPS4127 Alvaro Ortiz KMHR KDSM 01.26.48h 757-24APF
UPS4199 Alvaro Ortiz KONT KMHR 01.12.39h 757-24APF