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Landing Rate
By Eugenio Leal
Posted at: 2016-02-07 12:39
HUB Check in?
By Alex Oyedeji
Posted at: 2016-02-07 10:03
VATSIM - Controllers??
Posted at: 2016-02-07 02:03

Recently Hired

Pilot ID Pilot Name HUB Country
UPS907 Diego De Oliveira KMIA
UPS918 Alex Oyedeji KMIA
UPS330 JuanCamilo Huizinga EDDK
UPS903 Garry Morrison KMIA
UPS328 Gon?alo Gomes EDDK
UPS606 Adam Trylinski CYHM
UPS707 Cody Remer KONT

Upcoming Departures

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS010 - Walt Jochec UPS9808 KSDF RJAA 3.2h 777-2LRF
UPS907 - Diego De Oliveira UPS4228 KMIA SEQU 0h 757-24APF
UPS326 - John Pick UPS220 KSDF EDDK 0h MD-11F
UPS210 - Michael LeBoeuf UPS3116 PANC KSDF 0h 767-34AF
UPS007 - Aaron R. Harvey UPS3086 EGSS KEWR 0h 767-34AF
UPS305 - Wolfgang Schraml UPSE161 ENGM EDDK 1.43h A300F
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Teamspeak 3 Server


Graham Smith 50 Flights
James Jeffries 500 Hours Award
Joe Cardenas 200,000 NM
Alex Scandrett 250 Hours Award
Eugenio Leal 50,000 NM
Stanley Losiewicz 250 Hours Award
Erik Davidson 250 Hours Award


Welcome to UPSVAC

Posted by Preston Bradley on 08/01/2015

Welcome to UPSVAC! We are the First and Original UPS Virtual Airline. We have been around for Over 15 years and consider ourselves to be a "Legacy" Virtual Airline. We are established and well known to VATSIM. We take pride in our VA and would like to encourage all of our members to have fun and to enjoy our hobby. If you would like to be a member please sign up, your application will be quickly reviewed and you will be notified as soon as possible of the next steps. FS2004/FSX/XPlane/Prepar3D. Thank you for joining!


Posted by Preston Bradley on 06/09/2015

Our Live Flights

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

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Recent Reports

Flight No. Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
UPS904 AJ Bowers PANC KSDF 05.55.36h 777-2LRF
UPS205 John Pick PANC KSDF 05.59.51h MD-11F
UPS3060 Eugenio Leal EDDK KEWR 09.50.51h 767-34AF
UPS985 Graham Smith RJAA PANC 06.30.47h 777-2LRF
UPS257 Anders Samuelsson EDDK KPHL 08.04.30h MD-11F
UPSE100 Wolfgang Schraml EDDK ENGM 01.28.50h A300F
UPS3061 Jhamal Miles EDDK KPHL 09.50.01h 767-34AF